BOSTON - I am starting to begin to wonder how Logan Airport is going to manage to take on so many new flights and airline services during the 2020 travel season. Every week, it seems like there is a new route that comes to Logan Airport and, with the travel hub currently undergoing a great deal of renovation, I am curious as to how they have the gates to accommodate these travel demands.

The latest flight route was announced by Frontier Airlines, a plane-based service that has a reputation for being the most affordable source of flights around the country. (They even give Spirit a run for their money! No pun intended.)

In an announcement that came earlier this week, Frontier announced that it would be expanding its footprint at the Philadelphia International Airport by adding three routes to the major Pennsylvania city. Now, Frontier will have new nonstop flights between Philadelphia and Boston. Beginning May 1, roundtrip service will be available at the extremely cheap cost of $115 in the latest move for Frontier to try to appeal to as many travelers as possible.

But this is not the only route that Frontier added to Philadelphia. To bring their total option of twenty-four routes leaving from Philly on a nonstop basis, Frontier also added service to Chicago. In the announcement, they also made it clear that daily service would be available to Los Angeles, rather than nonstop. All routes are expected to be extremely affordable. It might become the go-to travel option for Bostonians to the city of brotherly love.

Granted, Philadelphia is one of the easier cities for Bostonians to travel to. Outside of New England, cities like New York, Newark, and Philadelphia have long been considered the northeastern metropolitan areas that are the easiest to travel to. Many opt to take cars, buses, or even trains to one of these cities from Boston before they consider the method of airplane flights. But after this remarkable announcement from Frontier, some tunes might be changing. A quick, affordable flight might be a better option than a long, uncomfortable bus ride.

Image via Flickr/David Brossard