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Ex-Massachusetts Senator Brian Joyce Found Dead in Westport Home

Ex-Massachusetts Senator Brian Joyce Found Dead in Westport Home

Westport, MA - Former state Senator Brian Joyce has been found dead in his Westport home. Brian Joyce was known to be a longtime attorney and a senator in the state.

56-year-old Brian Joyce was found dead in his home early Thursday afternoon. Sources say he was facing criminal charges, convicting him of using his time in office to run what was said to be a criminal enterprise. Officials say that there was no foul play suspected in the death of the senator. Joyce’s wife found him dead in their home.

Gregg Miliote gave a statement to the public saying that the investigation will be open and ongoing until the cause of death is determined. An autopsy will be scheduled and done to get to the cause of the death.

Back in December 2017, Joyce was arrested by officials at his home in Westport, Massachusetts. He was accused of using his office as the Massachusetts senator to accept bribes. According to evidence, the bribes that were accepted were up to $1 million. Joyce did this in exchange for official actions. He specifically created a shell company to hide the money and disguise the bribes.

The investigation started back in February 2016, when the FBI and IRS chose to raid Joyce’s personal office in Canton. A few months later, Joyce sold his Milton home along with his family burial plot located in Milton, the town he was raised in.
After investigating the case for approximately 2 years, officials came up with a 113-count indictment. Some of the charges included extortion, wire fraud, conspiracy to defraud the IRS, and money laundering.

Commentators seem to suggest that almost all politicians are caught up in something similar at least once in their lives.

It is unknown how Joyce died and the autopsy will be conducted, but the family has yet to tell if they will release the cause of death.

It is still unknown if the family will be taken to court on further matters. The money Joyce took from bribes and kickbacks is illegal money and may not be granted to anyone, but instead given back to its rightful owners.