EVERETT - To quote Aaron Burr from Hamilton, "There's nothing like summer in the city." The greater Boston area is going all out on entertainment this summer, including Everett opening its highly-anticipated Encore Casino on the Boston Harbor this weekend.

The casino expected to receive over fifty thousand visitors on the opening day of Encore, with some lining up as early as 3:00 AM just to be among the first people in the throng to pass through the doors! To say the anticipation was feverish would be an understatement.

The line outside the Encore this morning. from boston
The last thing I'd want to do in 85 degree heat is wait in this line... from boston

Thanks to Reddit users u/throwawayoanda2017 and u/Stormodin, images of the massive crowd that formed an even longer line were shared on the Boston subreddit to give people a small taste of what those crowds looked like. Other passersby and onlookers also seemed to notice that the line was moving rather quickly and that its length might have been deceiving.

Personally, I'm hard-pressed to determine what exactly is the motivator for some people to be one of the "first" people to enter a new casino. When it's a new blockbuster movie, maybe it can be understandable because people want to avoid spoilers. But what would an Encore spoiler be? That the blackjack tables are too steep in cost? What they may be hoping for is to say they were among the first to witness Everett's revival, which Everett officials hope this casino will be.

"We will no longer be the back door to the city of Boston," said Everett Mayor Carlo deMaria at the casino opening. "We will now be the front door to the city of Everett.”