Boston, MA– Getting posterized by a monster dunk from a competitive player is almost something of a rite of passage for every NBA star. It can be humbling and it helps fuel the competition every time it happens, motivating the player who gets dunked on to do it right back to his foe. Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce undoubtedly had his fair share of dunking and being dunked on, but he ultimately never let it keep him down. Conversely, since Pierce’s retirement he has only ever been getting destroyed by NBA Twitter, a plethora of memes, and a number of top basketball personalities laughing in his face.

When it comes to former NBA players making the transition to analysis, there are far more athletes who have egregious takes than those who have intelligent takes. For every awesome analyst (like Jalen Rose), there are a slew of cringe-worthy ones (we’re looking at you, Pierce). He has had a number of sketchy takes during his retirement, but the worst ones began to be popularized at the end of the 2018-19 regular season. Infamously, Pierce claimed that his career was better than Dwyane Wade’s, who was also retiring at the time.

We love Pierce here in Boston, but there is no denying that Wade definitely had a more legendary stint as an NBA star. Everyone else agreed with that, too, though and Pierce was savaged online and constantly made fun of. Obviously, no one wants to kick a guy when he’s down, but the hot take was so bad that many felt Pierce deserved the memes. Here’s one such example of how much fun people had roasting The Truth.

So, yes, it has been about a month of Pierce getting mercilessly mocked in every possible way and for a while, it seemed like he was destined to be memed for the rest of his life. That is, until, an unlikely source stepped up to defend Pierce.

When asked about the jokes and statements, the newly-retired, former member of the Miami Heat Dwyane Wade responded on TMZ Sports, saying, “I won’t put another black man down.” Wade defended Pierce and refused to take sides in the matter and definitely showed how he was the bigger man. The jokes about Pierce may keep coming, but Wade won’t be a part of them.