Cambridge, MA - The 18 to 22 years of jail time that the Esplanade rapist is due to face has outraged many; Officials say that the women involved in the case urged for a longer jail sentence.

The Esplanade rapist, Alejandro Done, was captured and convicted back in 2015 for assaulting and raping a woman immediately after she sat in his Uber car near Cambridge. Now, years later, Done has tacked on an additional 18 to 22 year sentence. Though many believe he should have had a 25 to 35 year sentence, the judge let him go with the 18 to 22 year jail time. Unfortunately, this will not be added to his time already being served, it will just overlap the original sentencing. Back in 2015, Done was sentenced with 10 to 12 years, and now, as of 2018, he’ll have to serve a total of 18 more years, at minimum.

Done has been convicted of raping three women in recent years. All three crimes were committed between the years 2006 and 2010. His usual spots to rape these women were found to be at the Esplanade near the Charles River and at Joe Moakley Park in South Boston. Two of the three times, Done kidnapped his victims and held a knife to their throat while he raped them.

The two women that were kidnapped appeared in court yesterday to give their testimonials. Both of the victims stated that they struggle daily with what Done had done to them. They try to cope as best they can, but the memory still haunts them. One of the women stated that she’s cried countless times over the past 10 years. She added that no matter how sorry he says he is, no one should believe him; He’s only sorry he was caught she claimed. The third women he raped near the Esplanade didn’t go to trial, due to the victim moving out of the country.

After Done was captured and dealt with the first time around, the media and authorities made the public very aware of what happened. They warned women of all ages to watch out and have stricter guidelines when using an Uber. For example, authorities suggested women use the ‘buddy system,’ just to be as safe as possible.