BOSTON - Picture it. The Encore Boston Harbor casino, February 2020. It's a surprisingly warm Friday night and you and some friends feel like taking just a little bit of money to the nearby gambling facility to see if you can win big. What's the first area of the casino you gravitate towards? For most people, the answer to that question would be the slot machines. They're practically synonymous with casinos, after all. That is why Encore had such a disaster on their hands at the outset of this past weekend.

On Friday night a number of slot machines malfunctioned and shut down entirely after an unknown error, per Boston 25 News. According to Wynn Resorts, the group that operates Encore Boston Harbor, the reason for this unexpected outage was a "computer issue." Wynn Resorts did say that they expect the slot machines to be back in action soon, but they would not disclose how many slot machines were impacted by the computer outage.

This is poor timing for Encore, especially since Friday is one of the busiest nights for casinos. Fortunately, for people who won on the slot machines, they will still get their due. Employees delivered winnings by hand and they are still currently paying what people are owed from their winnings as they work to resolve the issue entirely.

This news comes only shortly after the revelation that the gambling revenues from Encore were down. As detailed by, Encore generated $49 million in revenue across January, which was a significant decrease from December's $54 million earnings. A change in season could have been to blame for the fall, if not for the fact that two other casinos, MGM Springfield and Plainridge Park, both increased their revenue in the month of January.

There have been a lot of growing pains ever since Encore opened back in the summer of 2019 and it still seems like the Boston Harbor casino has not yet found its footing. Perhaps the decrease in revenue and the slot machine outage will compound to become a motivating impetus for Encore to better get its act together.

Image via Yelp/Ron Y.