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Elizabeth Warren: Why She's Doing Well, and how She's Not Bernie

Elizabeth Warren: Why She's Doing Well, and how She's Not Bernie

DES MOINES, IA– Iowa is weirdly important in an election race. We won't get into why that is, exactly, but you just have to know that it's very, very important. Which is why a recent Washington Post story caught my eye.

It stated: "...in the Des Moines Register poll that came out last weekend (the gold standard of Iowa polls), she [Warren] moved from 9 percent in the newspaper’s March poll to 15 percent now, while Biden fell from 27 percent support to 24 percent, and Sanders went from 25 percent to 16 percent. Just as important, 61 percent of potential caucus-goers said they were considering supporting her, the same number Biden got."

Now, let's be clear about what that's saying: Biden is still in first place, and Bernie and Warren are too close to call in second place. Warren isn't sweeping the state, but she's making moves. The writer of the article believes this is because of "her skill in winning people over, her ability to describe policy challenges through effective storytelling, and her seemingly inexhaustible energy and enthusiasm."

If there's one thing you know about Elizabeth Warren, it's that she's got plans. It's her whole thing. Quite remarkably, that basic premise is winning over a lot of American voters, perhaps because they've seen what happens when a President with only ideas and no details tries to implement policy. But there's a question a lot of my New England friends have been asking: okay, so, what's the difference between Warren and Bernie?

They both represent states in New England, they both seem super liberal, and they both seem to strongly dislike rich people.

To put it really simply: Warren wants to fix the system, Bernie wants to change it. Warren doesn't hate capitalism, she just wants it to work responsibly. Warren wants to put policies in place that, while being extremely vigilant about the workings of big business (she loves using her 'cop on the beat' simile), still keeps the system up and running.

Bernie doesn't have as robust of plans. But his whole thing is that he doesn't want band-aids on capitalism, he wants to change it. He wants, as he's said many times, a political revolution.

So next time you're out with your friends, now you can talk about Warren v Bernie and sound just as smart as that annoying friend who majored in PoliSci and thinks he knows everything about everything.

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