Boston, MA - Responding to all the harsh remarks that President Trump has sent her way, Elizabeth Warren has come forward with clear evidence that she does, in fact, have a Native American heritage.

An analysis was conducted regarding Warren’s DNA sample, and it provided true evidence of her family having a Native American heritage dating back up to ten generations - a point that itself drew some commentary from individuals online and in political news. In recent statements, President Trump had called Warren “Pocahontas” in an attempt to falsify her heritage. Warren sought fit to give him the proof he’s been requesting for quite some time.

Once the analysis was completed, the report was released early Monday morning, October 15, 2018. It stated that the majority of her ancestry was comprised of European descent, but that the remainder stated she was a descendant of two specific tribes: the Cherokee and Delaware.

The study was conducted by a Stanford professor, Carlos D. Bustamante. Back in 2010, Bustamante was awarded a MacArthur genius grant for his specialty in being able to track population migration using DNA. To further justify the results of the DNA analysis, Bustamante came forward to state that he has 99% confidence that five of the gene segments of the DNA were identified as Native American heritage.

Warren’s office joined in on the matter, to make sure to get appropriate evidence for Trump’s previous accusations. Her workers were able to gather a video of all the attacks presented to her by Trump and other politicians. In addition, interviews with some of Warren’s family members are incorporated into the video. A sort of fact-like website was created with links to the DNA report and other relevant documents for all to see.

Warren stated that she wanted any and everyone to read the supportive information for them instead of hearing through interviews and word of mouth that her Native American heritage was not a lie. She never expected her heritage to be used as a racial joke, and once it started to be a racial joke, she had to prove that what she was saying the truth.