NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Last week, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren announced that her campaign for the Democratic nomination would come to an end after a slew of disappointing results from Super Tuesday primaries. It was one of the most talked-about events of the week with Warren's drop-out netting much more coverage than Mike Bloomberg's suspension. Warren's drop-out was also vastly more covered than Pete Buttigieg's or Amy Klobuchar's. Though, that is a bit more obvious.

Between Warren's drop-out of the election cycle and the coronavirus concerns spreading across the globe, there were two big news stories this week that left everyone with much to discuss. It also left SNL with the perfect blend of buzzworthy stories for their cold open this week, in the Daniel Craig-hosted episode of the show.

The cold opens of Saturday Night Live tend to be the longest sketches of the evening. This past week, the sketch neared ten minutes in length as it saw a parody of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle unfold. Appearing in this sketch were Kate McKinnon as Ingraham, Cecily Strong as Jeanine Pirro, Darrell Hammond as Chris Matthews, and more.

McKinnon also pulled double duty when she changed out of her Ingraham attire to slide into her Elizabeth Warren impression, as shared by the New York Times. Of course, she did the impression opposite Warren for a few lines before the two linked up to proclaim, "Live from New York, it's Saturday night!" The duo also recorded a quick viral video of themselves dancing. The full sketch can be viewed just below.

Warren's appearance on SNL is a part of a long tradition of politicians making cameos on the show, opposite the performers who have been tasked with impersonating them. Many were quick to criticize Warren for appearing on SNL, rather than endorsing a candidate and working to help elect the candidate.

After all, the campaign does not stop for sketch comedy and Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders were not likely focused on NBC this weekend. But Warren ran a great campaign and I think she should be allowed to have some fun in the wake of it. Is one cameo really going to kill someone's presidential aspirations? Let's all just relax and remember to enjoy ourselves, too. It's important!

Image via Wikimedia Commons