BOSTON – About a month ago, I wrote an opinion piece about the notion that Dustin Pedroia deserved to make any decision he wanted to regarding his future in baseball. The Boston Red Sox second baseman has been suffering from constant knee injuries ever since he was spiked by Manny Machado two years ago. After returning to the sixty day injured list earlier in 2019, Pedroia said he was going to take some time with his family to contemplate his future and whether or not he would retire.

The next step in this process came about yesterday when it was reported by the Boston Globe that the 35-year-old former MVP underwent a "knee joint preservation surgery" in Colorado two days ago. Per ESPN, Pedroia's rehab plan will commence in Arizona, where he lives.

In response to this surgery, Red Sox manager Alex Cora told reporters, "He had a procedure, something to ease the pain or take the pain away. Just another step to see if he can feel better and see where it takes us. He is going to keep trying to find ways to make this happen, and we'll see where it goes."

Obviously, Cora's remarks are not the most optimistic of statements, but it is a better outlook than I anticipated. It really seemed like Pedroia's decision that he would retire would come any day, but instead this preservation surgery news came out instead. Cora did also say that the Laser Show won't return in 2019, but he did not rule out a 2020 comeback.

The surgery could mean that Pedroia is trying to ensure his knee's health in the long term and that retirement is imminent. However, it also seems like the latest example of Pedroia's unwavering tenacity to play the game he loves so much and lead the team he's been loyal to his entire career. It seems like a Hail Mary attempt to get back onto the field, but if it pays off then more power to him!

One other notable thing to mention is that when Pedroia won the American League Rookie of the Year trophy in 2007, shortstop Troy Tulowitzki won the award for the National League. Just this season, Tulowitzki announced his own retirement. So, at the very least, Pedroia outlasted his counterpart.

Godspeed, Pedey!

Image via Flickr / Rogelio A. Galaviz C.