WORCESTER - Last week, Up To Boston wrote about the heist of a lobster truck in Southie that resulted in another lobster truck crashing into the thieves. At the time, it felt like it was the "most Boston" story of the news cycle. What could be more Massachusetts than lobster trucks careening down the freeway and crashing into one another during a failed Southie heist? Well, this news story from WCVB might just take the cake in terms of Massachusetts stereotypes.

In 1992, Jason Roy and Valerie Sneade were coming to the end of their relationship. They loved each other, but when they visited a Dunkin' Donuts in Worcester, Massachusetts to have a discussion about what the future of their relationship would be, it didn't end well. They ended up breaking off the relationship instead. Dunkin' Donuts was not the blame, of course. Sneade told local reporters they split because of some misunderstandings.

Twenty-six years later, Sneade had become a successful local musician. She had married and subsequently divorced a different man from Roy and instead channeled all her energy into her musical career. Dabbling in the cabaret realm of music, Sneade's career eventually led her to a Worcester musical revue on Valentine's Day back in 2018.

Jason Roy spent those twenty-six years in a marriage of his own. He became a veteran of the Navy en route to having three children. However, he also divorced his wife. When he learned that Sneade would be performing about love nearby, he seized his opportunity and attended her concert. Gobsmacked, Sneade finished the show and spoke with Roy. The pair eventually decided to move in together, bringing Sneade back from her home in Florida. A year ago on New Year's Eve, Roy proposed and she said yes.

It was truly a love story you typically only see in movies! And the cherry on top was that the Roys ended up holding their official wedding ceremony this past Friday on December 27, as shared by USA Today. But they returned to Worcester's Grafton Street Dunkin' Donuts to hold their nuptials, bringing the entire relationship full circle to where they thought it had ended. Dunkin' Donuts became the symbol of the future of their love. Massachusetts stories can be heartwarming, too.

Image via Wikimedia Commons