BOSTON - After a viral TikTok video last week showed that Dunkin' Donuts keeps food items like bagels and doughnuts frozen, rather than baking them freshly on site it is certainly time for some good news about every Massachusetts resident's favorite quick service chain restaurant.

While the food quality remains up in the air, there is no denying that the drinks served by Dunkin' have to be brewed fresh on the daily, if not even more frequently than that. And while many of the fall favorite beverages are slowly beginning to slip by the wayside now that October and the season of Halloween have passed, that does not mean that there are no seasonal beverages to enjoy.

In fact, now that we are in the midst of November and Christmas time with December just around the corner, there might be some old favorites returning to a Dunkin' Donuts near you!

A teasing Instagram post from Dunkin' Donuts' official account on Friday hinted towards an announcement this Wednesday about what the chain is saying is the "largest holiday lineup in recent brand history," as shared by QSR Magazine.

Even though the official announcement is still two days away, insiders and food-based restaurant reporters have already picked up the scoop on what the line of beverages at Dunkin' will consist of.

Obviously, specialty hot chocolates and standard Dunkin' coffees will still be available for the season, but the seasonal drinks are sure to pack a punch of Christmas joy as Dunkin' will finally answer to Starbucks' dominance in the holiday division.

Part of this answer is the fact that Dunkin' is introducing new holiday cups that will be festive, pink, and suitable for potential collectors. What comes in these cups has dominated fan buzz, though.

After a year's hiatus that caused an uproar, the beloved peppermint mocha drink will return to Dunkin' on November 6! This is not the only fan-favorite to be making its long-awaited return to the Dunkin' counter, however.

Beloved Christmas classics like the eggnog and cinnamon latte, which has been absent since 2013, and the gingerbread s'mores flavor swirl, which has been M.I.A. since 2012, are both coming back to Dunkin' starting on this Wednesday. 'Tis the season to all of us!

To top it off, the new holiday Brownie Crumble Donut will be available to all Dunkin' customers on November 6, as well.

Photo by twinsfisch on Unsplash