Boston, MA - It’s time to be honest with ourselves: Summer is over, and Fall is here. With that being said, we need to start our transitions; We need to stop wearing shorts and T-shirts and start throwing on jeans and sweatshirts. We need to stop drinking iced coffee and start drinking the hot stuff. We need to get away from the shandy beers and start drinking the dark beers, and that’s just what Dunkin’ Donuts and Harpoon had in mind!

The limited-edition beer has made its way to stores and restaurants as of today, October 1st. The official name of the dark beer is Dunkin’ Coffee Porter, and it’s said to contain Dunkin’s Expresso Coffee Blend. This new coffee-flavored beer has an ABV of 6% and it will be sold to all 25 states in the country where Harpoon Brewery distributes its beer.

According to testers and the makers of the beer, Dunkin’ Coffee Porter pours with a thick head like crema with an underneath like Americano. Drinking this delicious beverage will have you thinking you have a chilled coffee right in front of you.

Now, this isn’t the first time that Dunkin’ Donuts has collaborated with a brewery. This time last year, Dunkin’ was working with Catawba Brewery to bring their customers what was known as Dunkin’ Punkin Brown Ale. Unfortunately, the brewery had only made 20 barrels of the beer, making it only possible for people who lived in the North Carolina areas to drink it. Lucky for you, you’ll get to grab yourself some of Dunkin’s new beer for a limited time.

Because it’s so new, commentators have yet to come forward to review the beer. All I have to say is if you like coffee porter’s, you’ll be in for a treat!

Head to your local convenience store and buy your first six-pack or go to your favorite bar and get the beer on draft today! Start the Fall season off the right way ladies and gentlemen.