BOSTON - Following numerous protests over the treatment of immigrants in America, one individual is shining additional light on the issue through an artistic display which turned an iconic Boston landmark into a visual protest. Local Boston artist by the name of Karyn Alzayer transformed the famous "Make Way for Ducklings" statue in the Boston Public Garden into a political statement by erecting cages around the birds.

Alzayer used cages made of chicken wire to enclose the ducklings in the statue and separate them from the mother duck, who was also enclosed in a cage. The image of these statues underneath was chicken wire was intended by Alzayer to evoke the horrible sights of the cages and child detention centers at the southern border between the United States of America and Mexico. Obviously, this has been one of the worst instances of the entire Trump administration as immigrant families have been torn apart at the border. It is definitely a subject that is worthy of being protested in such a manner.

When speaking with WGBH's Anna Kusmer, Alzayer said, “The Mallards are Boston's quintessential immigrant family. In the book, they moved here for a better life...and were looking for a place to stay. If that were to happen during today’s climate this would be their fate."

It definitely gets the point across and is an impacting metaphor for the current political landscape of the U.S. Maybe, for some, it will put things in perspective and show that priorities are quite muddled at this country's current juncture.

While the official stance of Boston's parks and recreation group was that this art project was not approved, many employees involved with the subsequent removal of the cages said that they definitely approved of the showcase. After all, the ducks have been festooned in Boston Bruins gear in the past when the team was marching through the playoffs. This cause for the "Ducklings" statue seems to be a much nobler one. Too bad it had to come down so soon.

Photo Courtesy of Daud Alzayer