WORCESTER - In the face of tragedy, one silver lining that you can always look to is how the community of these tragedies rallies around one another to lift up those who have fallen. It happens time and time again and even though you would, of course, prefer that tragedies do not occur, it is at least heartwarming to have people there who pick you back up again.

This season, the community surrounding the fallen firefighter from Worcester last week has proven that those who have lost are not alone and will not be forgotten. On Stockholm Street in Worcester on November 13, firefighter Jason Menard was killed while fighting a house fire. During the resulting chaos, he ended up saving two of his fellow firefighters in a heroic act until the end. Menard was a husband and a father so, in response to this horrible news, The Greg Hill Foundation stepped up to initiate a benefit for Menard’s surviving family.

The benefit has taken the form of a concert at the Worcester Beer Garden and Pavilion this Friday, as reported by the Boston Herald. To anyone who might think that a concert taking place on Friday being announced on Tuesday is not enough time to drum up support, think again. The tickets for the event, which clocked in at twenty dollars each, have already sold out. All proceeds will go to Menard’s family.

Performing at this concert is one of the biggest Massachusetts-based bands, the Dropkick Murphys. Comprised of New England natives, including James Lynch of Worcester and Matt Kelly of Leominster, the band has been one of the biggest in the state for some time now. Respectfully, the set they perform on Friday will be geared towards the mood of the occasion and will be entirely acoustic. You might recognize the band from such songs as “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” and “Tessie.”

It is obviously terrible circumstances that call the Dropkick Murphys to Worcester, but it is also extremely good of them to do something like this to help the Menards. It is always inspiring to see a community rally around one another.

Image Via Wikimedia Commons