NANTUCKET – Sharks, sharks, and more sharks have been the story of the Atlantic Ocean this summer, as it pertains to the coast of Massachusetts. As previously reported, numerous beaches have been shut down over the course of the summer after over 150 shark sightings were recorded, which is a high anomaly for the New England region.

Videos of the sharks engaging one another have been particularly delightful, charming, and enriching, but now, we can share some footage of marine animals that pose less of a Jaws-esque threat to the quality of our summers.

Last week, a humpback whale breached (or broke) the waters of the Atlantic, stunning Gloucester fishermen who witnessed this glory of nature. After all, there are many New England sea tours that aim to give people a look at these majestic creatures, only to wind up leaving them without a sea animal sight in their memories. To have one happen serendipitously is pure perfection.

And now, more humpback whales have been spotted in the ocean that comprises the shores off of the island of Nantucket. Over the weekend, the Cribbins family, who hails from Boston, was on a fishing tour in the Nantucket waters when they captured a video that has since gone viral in the New England community. Nicole Cribbins’ family was with Albacore Charters early in the morning when they traveled over twenty miles from the shore.

It was here when the Cribbins crew noticed a pod of humpback whales swimming together and, thanks to some quick action from her teenage son, Harrison, there is a drone video recording of these humpback whales breaching the waters. The video is a beautiful reminder of how awe-inspiring nature and animals can be.

As the summer winds down to a close, it can be fun to think back on all of the shark hubbub that New England witnessed. But to end on a note like these humpback whales breaching the Atlantic is just pure poetry. That is why it is beautiful to live in a state on the ocean.