Woburn, MA– While traveling through Woburn, Massachusetts in the snow on Monday, Daniel Curran had a close call. Curran was driving down Winn Street under the Route 128 overpass a little after 9 a.m. when a bunch of snow and ice fell down onto his truck, startling him. According to WHBH, the falling ice caused "extensive damage" to his truck.

As Massachusetts residents are aware, most towns received quite a bit of snow over the weekend, which means that several plow drivers and companies were out working for hours on end. Daniel Curran happened to catch the final hours of plowing on Monday morning. Just before the ice and snow fell onto his vehicle, Curran noticed the plow driving on the overpass.

Curran said he was a lucky man to have gotten by without serious injury. He told reporters that “...if that had hit the windshield, I may be in an ambulance on the way to the hospital or something.” There were no other passengers in the truck at the time.

State officials are currently looking into the incident. Curran did not have a dash camera in his truck when the snow and ice fell on his vehicle. This makes it unlikely that the plow owner or company will be found. It is unclear if the investigation will be pursued.

A similar instance happened at Logan Airport recently. According to WHBH, Boston 7 News, a person was driving near the airport when a plow pushed a wall of snow down onto the windshield of the driver’s car. This Massachusetts resident did not see the plow ahead of time, unlike Curran.

In the Logan Airport situation, Massport released a statement saying that they were investigating the incident. They apologized to the driver, but did not provide information regarding the plow operator.