Boston, MA - Next Spring, a food hall known as High Street Place will come to Downtown Boston, and it’ll carry approximately two dozen new food options for all to try.

High Street Place will be positioned in Downtown Boston and it will be connected through Federal Street and High Street. The food hall will span over 18,000 square feet and will have over 20 places and different food options to choose from. Vendors are already signing up for the grand opening this upcoming Spring season.

As construction plans are being drawn up and executed to the proper parties, officials are giving information here and there to the public. The public has found out via the hall’s website that there will be a grand 500 seats in the food hall to accommodate the large local population. In addition, the website also states that each entrance on either end of the food hall will have quick and easy access to parking garages and public transportation.

To further the excitement of Boston citizens and traveling folk, officials have also leaked out that project plans include a green wall in a specific area. The green wall will house a retractable projection screen for all sorts of special events.

It doesn’t stop there, though. As vendors are signing up, particular ones are stating whether or not they will be carrying and serving alcohol. The public will be pleased to know that many food venues within the hall will be serving alcohol of all types, including beer, wine, cocktails, and hard liquors.

High Street Place is assumed to be the new go-to place in the upcoming year, especially considering most restaurants and bars in the downtown area are closing on Saturdays and Sundays. This will give the locals and the travelers a new place to check out different types of food, instead of always going to places like the Greenway and Faneuil Hall.

In addition to all of this great news, High Street Place will not open up each venue one by one. Instead, people are welcome to come to the grand opening mid-2019 to experience all venues at once.

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