BOSTON - It is an exciting time to be a purveyor and follower of the Museum of Science in Boston! Earlier this week, Up To Boston wrote about the temporary closure of the movie theater at the Museum of Science in place of state-of-the-art technology. Now, thanks to the official Instagram of the Museum of Science, it has been made clear that a brand new exhibit all about dogs is coming to the museum, set to open on February 9.

The post can be seen below. Written in the description of the post, the exhibition, Dogs! A Science Tail, was described as something that seems quite enticing. "Let curiosity be your guide and discover life from a dog’s point of view in the Museum’s newest exhibition," the post writes. "Experience the extraordinary way a dog sees, hears, and smells the world."

For members of the museum, a preview will be available on February 8! However, the exhibit is temporary so be sure to see it while you can, if you feel so inclined. There is much to learn about within, but there will also be a ton of outlets for fun. From makeshift, dog-based games of Jeopardy to an interactive maze, it's all here for the dog lovers. And you can bring the story of your own beloved pooch to the exhibit to share it with others, as well.

Because this exhibit is one that has been touring the country and educating animal lovers from coast to coast, there is already a pretty solid idea of what to expect from it. At the California Science Center, it was reviewed by Woof Republic (an organization that will undoubtedly know a great deal about the canine species) and praised for the blending of history, science, and technology, alongside the feeling and sensory elements provided to the world by dogs. With dogs, there are strong senses of smelling and hearing. The vision and taste may not be as well-defined, but they all work together melodiously for a wonderful experience. If the reviews are any indication, this will be an incredible exhibit for the Museum of Science to embrace.

Image via Wikimedia Commons