BOSTON - I thought that the biggest daredevils on the highway were people who rolled down their windows. Sure, you might get some fresh air, but the sound and force of that air would quickly drown out any enjoyment. But this weekend, one highway driver took daredevil antics to new heights.

As reported by Lisa Gresci, a news anchor for Boston’s CBS News affiliate, an image went viral of a dog on Route 28 sitting on the flatbed of a tow truck. The image was snapped by Michael Gerry, who was dumbfounded when he saw what was clearly a pet in danger, and he said that the driver of the tow truck did not stop until reaching the exit for Route 16.

The truck, which is property of a company in Waltham known as Ramsay’s Towing, didn't notice Gerry frantically making an effort to alert the driver to the fact that a dog had stowed away on the truck. Eventually, he was forced to instead call the authorities. After social media efforts, the company was notified of the occurrence and the driver has reportedly been terminated over the incident.

Fortunately, the dog was evaluated by the Animal Rescue League and was determined to be in perfect health. In response, Ramsay’s has said it is a dog-friendly company.