While most of us never grow out of jokes about nether regions, most of us also don’t try to use it as a marketing ploy to shill for $18 margaritas, either.

There are, of course, the most cartoonish versions of what white people think Latino culture is.  Think life sized mannequins of masked Mexican wrestlers and souped up taco trucks. Think lobster enchiladas served in a brandy chipotle cream sauce. Think a “wink wink, nudge nudge” attitude towards themselves that would make anyone with an IQ above 64 shudder. And just think… a perfectly Caucasian CEO who just happens to be both the scion of the Hard Rock Cafe legacy and co-owner of the Viper Room who just wants to “keep it real.”

And admit it, Seaport. It’s just what you need.

When the Pink Taco chain first announced they were setting up shop on Congress St a little over a year ago, it wasn’t  moral outrage or offended sensibilities most people felt, it was a sense of sheer and utter embarrassment. As much for the presence of yet another designer taco chain with little resemblance to authentic Mexican cuisine that seemed straight off the Vegas strip as its remarkably stupid name. A name Pink Taco CEO Harry Morton admitted he uh.. slightly regrets.

Don’t know the name Harry Morton yet? He’s the trust fund bro dude who just purchased Elvis Presley’s Bel Air estate for $25 Million. And his “haute taco” empire is one step closer to being a reality in Boston, Eater reports.

You might remember Morton from his appearance on The Daily Show in which he claimed that if his restaurant referred to genitalia, there would be “vaginas all over the walls.” Or his 2006 bid to purchase the Louisiana Superdome to be renamed the “Pink Taco Dome.” Or the time his Century City location decided to shave a donkey and paint it pink as a Cinco de Mayo promotion to leave it outside in 90 degree heat?

Yeah, it’s that kind of place. And he’s that kind of guy.

As for the food? The chain, which was founded in 1999 with locations in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Chicago has been referred to as both “so bomb” and an “overpriced Taco Bell.” But those are anonymous Yelp! reviews. And they’re anonymous for a reason.

No one wants to publicly admit eating at a restaurant called Pink Taco which looks like the culinary equivalent of an Ed Hardy shirt.

But if you think Morton’s keeping his brand exclusive to fried lobster tacos, think again. He may be branding the Pink Taco name out to a line of tequila.

“I want to go up against Fireball and Jagermeister,” he said in a 2014 interview. “I don’t want to be talking about agave, the oak barrels ... I want to be talking about the party.”

Jager shots. Fireball. You're gonna keep Congress St lit, brah.

Pink Taco will be located at 374 Congress St in Boston. For more information, visit www.pinktaco.com/boston](http://www.pinktaco.com/boston/)