Auburn, MA — The Massachusetts State Police were called to the westbound side of the MA Turnpike in Auburn at approximately 10 p.m. Wednesday evening (August 29th) after reports of a body lying by Exit 10. The body’s presence on the interstate resulted in severe traffic backups, and both the center and right lanes of the highway near Exit 10 were closed until approximately 2 a.m. on Thursday, August 31st. MA state troopers have not yet been able to discern the gender of the individual, nor how the body made its way to the Mass Pike. They additionally report that there were no unattended cars nearby nor any known sightings of pedestrians near the area of interest in the hours before the body was found. The unidentified individual had suffered several apparent “serious injuries,” according to police reports; a medical examiner is reportedly still working to determine the unknown pieces of this victim’s story, along with the MA police.

The police are now surveying the local region, attempting to find any witnesses in order to gather more information on the case of this unknown individual. They have put out a notice to the local and general public to please report any information that may be pertinent to the investigation. The main state police units assigned to the investigation are the MA Police Crime Scene Services, MA Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction, the Worcester County Police Detective Unit, and the Auburn Police. According to Dave Procopio, the spokesperson for the MA State Police, “the cause or causes of the totality of the injuries to the body remains part of the ongoing investigation,” and that anyone with potential information regarding the body should contact the police immediately. The Worcester County District Attorney’s Office has urged the public to do the same.

Information relevant to the investigation should be reported to the headquarters of the MA State Police Troop C at 508-829-8326, or to the Auburn Police Department at 508-832-7777.