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Day 2 of the Wynn Resorts Hearing on Casino Operator's Suitability

Day 2 of the Wynn Resorts Hearing on Casino Operator's Suitability

Everett, MA– With construction in high gear at the Encore Boston Harbor casino, and large-scale job fairs to fill thousands of vacancies, it has probably started to seem like the June 23 opening of the Everett casino is a done deal.

However, Wynn Resorts is still awaiting a decision from the Massachusetts Gaming Commission about whether it will revoke the casino operator’s state license for attempting to cover up the misconduct allegations against ex-CEO Steve Wynn. Today was day two of a three-day hearing on the casino license suitability of Wynn Resorts.

Steve Wynn denies the allegations of sexual misconduct, but he has stepped down from the company. He also filed suit against the state of Massachusetts for improperly accessing internal company documents in its investigation. That suit was settled in February.

Yesterday, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission released a report concluding that executive leadership at Wynn Resorts was aware of accusations of sexual misconduct against company founder Steve Wynn, and that Wynn Resorts attempted to conceal this information during their initial license application.

The Commission’s report released yesterday says that Wynn Resorts disregarded company policies in their handling of those allegations against Mr. Wynn, and that “in some instances, particular Company executives...were part of affirmative efforts to conceal allegations against Mr. Wynn that came to their attention.” Wynn Resorts has stated that they do not contest the conclusions of the report.

It may be weeks after the hearing before a decision is reached. The Commission may determine that Wynn is “suitable”, “not suitable”, or “suitable with some type of conditions” to operate a casino in Massachusetts.

Some have pointed out that removing the license at this stage would be a huge mess for the state, given how far along the project is. In addition, many of those who were involved in the cover-up have left or been fired from their positions at Wynn Resorts, so perhaps a fine would suffice to discipline the company for its actions.

The company has tried to clean up its image by reorganizing the board and improving its human resource policies. Wynn Resorts has emphasized the impact of these company transformations at the hearing. Check out live updates from the hearing by Boston Herald’s Jonathan Ng.

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