Boston, MA - As the NHL has now reached its symbolic halfway point of the season (even though the real halfway point came a bit earlier), the Boston Bruins are not exactly well off. Just as their team was returning to full health, goalie Tuukka Rask, who had started making the 2018-19 season his own, went down with a concussion. So the NHL All-Star break served as more than a break for the players. It was also a much needed distraction for Bruins fans before they have to stare down the impending NHL season stretch run.

And it proved to be a worthwhile distraction indeed! While the Atlantic Division could not quite pull away with a victory in the main event All-Star game, the Bruins had a big impact on the break. David Pastrnak was Boston’s sole representative in the game as he made his first career appearance in it. However, Pastrnak was also tapped to participate in the NHL skills challenge around shooting accuracy! And he proved victorious! Pastrnak certainly made the Boston faithful proud while representing the black and gold.

Another sports league had their All-Star Game this weekend as the NFL took to Walt Disney World for the Pro Bowl, which was won by the AFC! Unfortunately, New England Patriots Tom Brady and Stephon Gilmore could not partake in the game because they are on their way to Atlanta to prepare for Super Bowl LIII as Foxborough faithful held a send off event for the team at Gillette Stadium today.

It’s been a good year for Boston All-Star representation as Chris Sale, Craig Kimbrel, Mitch Moreland, J.D. Martinez, Mookie Betts, and (almost) Andrew Benintendi represented the Boston Red Sox back in July. The Boston Celtics will find out if any of their players will be All-Stars soon, as well! In my opinion, Kyrie Irving will likely be the only Celtic to make the cut, but that does not preclude some players from being invited to take part in the skills challenges. It is always so very exciting to see Boston athletes take the national stage like that.