BOSTON - Outside of the TD Garden, parking and traffic can be pretty tight and the last thing anyone would want to hit while they are trying to either park nearby or leave the city entirely is a Porsche.

Although, as one nineteen year old person from North Andover learned, there is one thing worse than hitting a Porsche outside of the TD Garden and that would be hitting David Pastrnak's Porsche.

The Boston star winger is having an amazing season in the NHL so far, but this might be one of the most unexpected hits he will take all season as a die-hard Bruins fan ended up rear-ending him on Friday.

Mark Souza, who also happens to be a hockey player, said that he was in Boston to acquire a passport when the accident happened. As a result, both cars suffered only minor damages.

Also according to Souza, Pastrnak was really nice and funny about the entire situation. Souza described him as "down-to-earth" as the pair even posed for a picture after getting out of their cars to assess the damage.

It certainly went better than most bumper-based accidents in traffic do. Especially the ones in Boston.

The image was shared by Eli Rosenberg, a reporter from NBC10 Boston, and it quickly went viral, even outside of the communities and culture of Boston, sports, and hockey altogether, as reported by NESN.

Perhaps the world will now know David Pastrnak's name and he will officially become as famous as Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin. This is practically guaranteed, right?

While Souza will continue playing hockey in North Andover for the Valley Jr. Warriors, Pastrnak is primed to get back on the ice for the Boston Bruins tonight against the Pittsburgh Penguins. He was just named Player of the Month for the NHL in October, too. Thank goodness he is safe and well because Souza would never be able to live it down from Bruins fans the world over if he was not!

Image Via Wikimedia Commons