BOSTON – In a week of sports that has been defined by controversies from new New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown, injuries inflicted upon Jayson Tatum, and the firing of Boston Red Sox general manager Dave Dombrowski, it is much more refreshing to see a story that is going to make fans of Boston sports smile. Sometimes, we just want to read about something good that happened.

The Red Sox are basically done for the rest of the 2019 season. The post-season is just too far out of reach and it seems like the front office is already gearing up for the off-season, especially with the Dombrowski dismissal that might as well have been the waving of the white flag. But one crucial aspect of the season was brought to a happy conclusion and that was the story of David Ortiz.

Over the summer, the all-time legend for the Red Sox was recovering from a gunshot wound. He very nearly died after he was shot in the Dominican Republic. Receiving immediate and long-lasting medical attention, Ortiz was able to recover and he went home after many weeks in the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Many were hoping that Ortiz would feel well enough to conduct the puck drop at one of the playoff games for the Boston Bruins, but this obviously did not come to pass as Ortiz was struggling for a long time in the hospital.

However, Ortiz was feeling well enough in September to come out and throw the first pitch of a Red Sox game, marking his first public appearance since he was shot in June.

Before the game between the Red Sox and the New York Yankees on Monday, Big Papi came trotting out of the dugout to deliver the ceremonial first pitch of the game. With Boston and New York fans alike giving Ortiz a standing ovation, he was sure to thank the fans and the organization for all the support during what was assuredly one of the most trying summers of his life.

There are few things in sports better than moments like these. So awesome to see Ortiz back at Fenway Park, with the entire community rallying behind him. He is an absolute treasure in this city and he will forever be welcome to throw out any first pitch he wants.

Image via YouTube