Boston, MA - Big Papi is headed to the big broadcasting booth! Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz signed a multi-year contract with Fox Sports today to serve as an analyst for both pregame and postgame duties in the studio after the nationally televised baseball games. Ortiz will join the panel many who watched Fox Sports during last year’s postseason are familiar with as he will be alongside Frank Thomas, Alex Rodriguez, and Kevin Burkhardt. Ortiz served as a guest in the studio during both the 2014 and 2017 playoffs and now his role in the broadcasting and analysis of baseball games will be rooted in a bit more permanence.

It makes a great deal of sense for Fox Sports to lock down Ortiz as his presence was crucial for the program’s journey to winning a Sports Emmy Award for Outstanding Limited Run Studio Show. Many were quick to praise Ortiz, especially his unlikely chemistry with his former rival and New York Yankee, Alex Rodriguez. John Entz, an executive producer on the show, was quick to praise Ortiz’s “excitement and knowledge,” as well as referring to Big Papi as “incredibly likeable.” Ortiz’s statement iterated that he was “pumped” to get into the studio.

In addition to his broadcasting duties, Ortiz has also served in a vague capacity as a consultant for the front office of the Boston Red Sox since his retirement in 2016. He is a Red Sox legend and the player considered by many to be the greatest designated hitter of all-time, as he racked up over five hundred home runs en route to his ten-time All-Star career. Ortiz was also the face of World Series title teams in Boston in 2004, 2007, and 2013, thanks in large part to his clutch presence at the plate. His number 34 was retired during the 2017 season at Fenway Park.

Because of these accolades, it might seem like Ortiz would be unable to be unbiased while serving as an analyst for Fox Sports and you would be correct. Ortiz makes no effort to hide his allegiance to Boston, resulting in a lot of fun segments with his cohost, A-Rod.