BOSTON – After a thwarted assassination attempt in the Dominican Republic, former Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz spent almost two months in the Massachusetts General Hospital after recovering from multiple surgeries that resulted from complications from the gunshot wounds. Ultimately, he was finally released from the hospital on July 26 and his family continued to ask for privacy during the time as Ortiz recovered further.

His recovery, however, did seem to be going well and it was definitely reassuring to see Ortiz settling back in at home. He has not talked to the public very much since the assassination attempt, but he did share an Instagram image that prompted a lot of love from the communities of Boston and baseball.

In it, Ortiz thanked everyone for their well-wishes and also expressed his gratitude that he was at home, safe and with his family. He also joked that he cannot "crush food" yet, showing that Big Papi's sense of humor is still very much intact. He is still the man we have always loved!

Ortiz has not shared anything beyond what his wife, Tiffany Ortiz, has released in statements with the Boston Red Sox and this Instagram post, but he is beginning to receive visitors who can inform the public about how Ortiz is doing. This heartwarming instance comes from Manny Ramirez, another former Sox slugger who was always a good friend of Ortiz's back when they both played for Boston.

Ramirez visited Ortiz recently, and the duo that used to strike fear into the hearts of every pitcher in the American League was reunited once more. When asked about how the visit went, Ramirez told Dale and Keefe, a WEEI radio show that interviewed Manny yesterday: "David looks awesome, and I'm so happy that I went to his house and saw him, we were watching the game and having fun, it was a great time."

Obviously, the circumstances were not ideal, but it is awesome to hear that Manny and Papi still hang out and that Ortiz continues to be on the mend.

Image via Wikimedia Commons / Googie Man