BOSTON - In the recent years of the NBA, Danny Ainge has had a hand in so many of the deals that have shaped the landscape of the league. He orchestrated the moves that landed Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett in Boston to play with Paul Pierce en route to a 2008 championship. He later swapped Garnett and Pierce for myriad assets that were part of Boston’s arsenal for years, including draft picks from the Brooklyn Nets. He brought Isaiah Thomas to Boston and later unloaded him to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Kyrie Irving, signing stars like Al Horford and Gordon Hayward along the way. He has been such a presence on the front office side of things in Boston during the past decade and a half that it can be easy to forget that Ainge was a critical piece of the Celtics teams from the 1980s. Featuring Larry Bird, Robert Parish, and Kevin McHale, the Celtics were buoyed by three of the league’s all-time best players. The starting lineup was rounded out by incredibly solid players in Dennis Johnson and, of course, Ainge. And Ainge had real skills back in the day.

But Ainge's latest moves? Asign and trade for Kemba Walker, signing Enes Kanter, and teaching his dog some solid dribbling skills in basketball.

It’s impressive to see any 60 year old moving as nimbly as he does in the video, but I did notice a couple double dribbles in the mix there. And while the dog does eventually come away with a steal, though, but possession was quickly returned to Ainge.

As for the dog, I can definitely see him fitting in well with the Celtics. He’s a bit undersized, but the system Ainge has established with head coach Brad Stevens has been kind to players on the smaller side. While the video doesn't show if the dog has Air Bud-like skills with shooting the ball, Boston does already have plenty of good scorers. It might be nice to have someone who focuses exclusively on playing tight defense.