CVS will now be offering Covid-19 antibody testing in its Massachusetts stores with MinuteClinics. 

The antibody testing is used to look for previous exposure to Covid-19. Results can then be assessed within 15 minutes.

The antibody test does not detect current cases of the virus. The test, however, can detect antibodies after just 14 days of being infected. 

Those looking to find out if they have ever had Covid-19 will undergo a quick finger stick to have their blood tested.

"CVS Health and MinuteClinic have played an important role in providing Americans with access to COVID-19 testing since the start of the pandemic," said Sharon Vitti, president of MinuteClinic.

"We know there is growing interest in affordable COVID-19 antibody testing and believe that MinuteClinic can help patients access this service given our convenient locations, extended evening and weekend hours and our commitment to high quality, evidence-based clinical care."

The test costs $38.00 and will be available at more than 50 clinics in the state. It does not require a doctor's order and is not covered by health insurance.

CVS, who also provides Covid-19 testing, announced the added service on Tuesday.

CVS plans to launch the antobody tests in all of their stores nationally on April 2nd.

Image via Wikimedia Commons