BOSTON - Downtown Crossing is one of the best parts of Boston, if you're looking for shopping and entertainment. But as many fun activities as there are in Downtown Crossing, there's also an air of practicality. Downtown Crossing is, after all, a place where many Boston residents get their everyday necessities. To that end, the CVS in Downtown Crossing is at the center of such practical concerns. However, even the CVS has been known to engage in some skeptical shenanigans, one of which we saw on Boston's own subreddit:

Downtown crossing CVS trying to catch a bird from boston

Reddit user u/CreateAnEmail475 shared this image they snapped of the plot that employees at the CVS Pharmacy came up with to catch an animal that had gotten in the store. The picture depicts some sort of edible treat scattered on the floor in front of the shelf of candy packages. Above that treat is a CVS shopping basket that is taped to a folded cardboard box on the top of the shelf.

It's definitely a trap of some kind, but I, for one, am baffled how it works. If an animal decides to actually eat the treat, what would cause the basket to land on top of them? There does not seem to be any way for the animal to trigger the basket to fall. The only thing I can think of is that someone may be holding the box from the back, ready to release it, or the Downtown Crossing CVS is part of a Looney Tunes cartoon, even that seems like too far of a stretch.

Commenters on the post thought it may be for a rat instead of a bird. Either way, the CVS employees are clearly uninterested in keeping their peculiar plan under wraps.

Image via Flickr / brx0