Boston, MA - On Thursday, June 21, 2018, the Boston cruise ship known as the Odyssey ran into an unfortunate problem which led the ship to crash into several other boats in the area. (Video Below)

Every year around this time, students from all over gather with their classmates to go on the final field trip of the year. This past Thursday, the field trip happened to be a small cruise from the Boston cruise ship, known as the Odyssey, with students from Newton, MA.

Video Courtesy of WCBV Channel 5 Boston

As approximately 300 students went aboard the Odyssey, they reveled in their excitement together and prepared for a thrilling adventure. This 8th grade class from Day Middle School in Newton was ready for the journey at sea to begin.

Once the boat left the docking area, the students knew it was going to be a rocky ride. They didn’t know how much of a rocky ride it was going to be, though.

As they slowly glided off to sea, one student, named Dani Kingsley, started to question what was really going on. At first, he thought the boat was turning around, possibly because something was forgotten at the dock. However, when he didn’t see the entire ship turn around, he knew something was terribly wrong.

At approximately 12 p.m., the Boston cruise ship had lost propulsion.

Once it was unable to push forward any more, it started to sway in different directions. And just like that, the students were shocked with a bit of fear, and their excitement began to wither away.

As the ship started to lose control, it began to hit some of the moored boats off to the side. Specifically, the Odyssey hit a total of five moored boats, leaving scratches here and there. These scratches acted as if they were a sort of ‘battle wound’ from the gliding of ship against boat.

As the actions continued to happen, antagonized by the ship’s lack of propulsion, more scratches appeared on more moored boats. One man, an instructor from the Boston Harbor Sailing Club, actually saw the ship coming right for him and the surround moored boats. Luckily, he heard the Odyssey’s warning horn when he was relaxing within one of the boats’ cabins. If he hadn’t heard the noise, he probably would’ve been in a small bout of trouble, depending on the angle the ship would’ve hit.

The second the instructor heard the horn, he bolted from the cabin and ran onto the deck of his boat. What his eyes saw was rather alarming: The Odyssey coming right his way. He knew what was bound to happen next; The Odyssey was most likely going to slam all of the little boats together, producing results that no one was aware of yet. Because the instructor, named Fritch, saw this coming, he knew it was best to get out of harms way. Fritch managed to jump while there was still some time and was able to move out of the way before the ship could have the
chance to injure him in any way.

While this scene was playing out, Dani, the 8th grade student, texted his mother. The text read something along the lines of, “The boat just crashed, we don’t know how it happened, but everyone is OK right now.”

While the Coast Guard was investigating the instance, they found that the captain assured everyone that what happened was rare. The captain also claimed the ships loss of propulsion resulted from a loss of control over the throttle. The Coast Guard reassured the Boston area that this was correct, and that the captain regained control over the ship moments later.

Everything turned out A-OK for the 8th graders on their field trip that day. However, a little loss of excitement was bound to happen after being startled in such a way.

After the occurrence, the students we’re told to move to the lower deck of the ship, primarily for safety concerns. Lunch was still a part of the itinerary on the Odyssey, so the students, chaperones, and workers on the ship carried on with their field trip plan. Music was played to relax tensions and to get the students in a better mood. The fear subsided after a few moments, and the students enjoyed the remainder of their final field trip of the year until their scheduled dismissal came, at 1 p.m.

During and after the incident, no pollution resulted. Though the instance startled some, everyone came out of the field trip without injury. The problem has been identified and required personnel have been working to fix it as soon as possible.