BOSTON – This year, the TD Garden has seen a number of massive upgrades that were meant to help bring the Boston arena into the limelight as one of the best venues, not just in the city, but in the entire region of New England. Included in these projected alterations were a new sports bar in the upper echelons of the stadium, a brand new seating section, an exterior shopping mall that would draw more people to the vicinity of the Garden, and an expanded capacity for guests.

Part of this plan to increase the amount of people who could visit the Garden on any given evening was to replace all of the seats in the arena. With the iconic gold seats being replaced for more comfortable black seats, they looked to be very chic and modern. However, just because the seat themselves were comfortable does not mean that the sitting situation itself was, as many felt that the Garden had seemingly shrunk with absolutely no leg room available to anyone who was not sitting in the front row.

Whether guests were attending a Bruins game, a Celtics pre-season game, a concert, a performance, or some other form of entertainment, the complaints were all the same. The TD Garden was completely devoid of leg room! And with the bulk of the Garden's season of events underway, it seemed somewhat unlikely that they would do anything about it now, leaving most fans feeling doomed and resigned to cramped legs for the entire year. (Season ticket holders, beware!)

Amy Latimer, the president of the TD Garden, did not help this feeling of doom when she heard the complaints and released a statement that read, "We’ve received feedback from fans and can appreciate that, as with any change, it takes some time to get used to such major changes."

Needless to say, people did not take kindly to being told that they had to get used to having no leg room.

In another statement, Latimer said, "We are evaluating the situation with our seating installation and architect partners and we are implementing both immediate and phased-approach solutions. We will make this right for our guests."

Based on this, we can only hope that improved leg room is coming to TD Garden. One person I know who will be thankful for this is Tacko Fall. Not that he will have to watch Celtics games from the seats, but his family might come see a game, you know?

Image via Flickr / Kid Clutch