BOSTON - The age of social media and a strong Internet presence has completely changed the way familial traditions are undertaken. For example, “gender reveals” have taken the Internet by storm as parents-to-be are constantly seeking the most creative ways to film themselves exposed to either the color blue or the color pink. Proposals, too, have always found ways to go viral online, but there is a new trend that has become a part of the culture around proposals. That trend is concerts. Suddenly, proposing during a concert is the new big thing.

A couple recently got engaged at a Jonas Brothers concert, but it did prompt a lot of jokes about the fact that it would be very hard to say yes to a man when your childhood crushes, Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Kevin Jonas, are standing right there. We shall see how long this concert proposal trend lasts because there are probably a lot of crotchety musicians who would discourage this from happening during their show.

But for now, the trend continued in Boston over the weekend as the Backstreet Boys became the latest group to experience a couple sealing their engagement with their music as a backdrop. The Backstreet Boys were performing at the TD Garden last week when they went to The Grand for an after party that would see them sing their biggest hits once again.

During this after party, Backstreet Boys frontman Nick Carter handed over his microphone to local fan Mike Kautz, who invited his girlfriend, Kelsey Labrot, on stage to ask her to be his fiancee, instead. Labrot said yes and Kautz remarked that she was “the only one” for him, which of course prompted the Backstreet Boys to play “I Want It That Way.” Imagine being proposed to right before the actual Backstreet Boys play one of the best songs of the 1990s! I’d never forget it. It would truly be iconic.

It just goes to show you that when you get the Boys in Boston, magic is bound to happen.