Boston, MA - Though the plan hasn’t been fully developed yet, it is on its way to becoming a real possibility.

Governor Charlie Baker announced Thursday, January 17, 2019, that he’s planning to legalize bets on sports in the state of Massachusetts soon. Last May, the Supreme Court was not fond of the federal proposal, therefore deciding to strike down the proposition.

Even still, Baker thinks Massachusetts has a shot, and an opportunity, with legalizing sports gambling. Baker stated Thursday morning that expanding the developing gaming industry in Massachusetts will give the state an opportunity to invest in local aid while also competing with other states that are trying to pass similar proposals.

The proposal that Baker is trying to pass through is similar to that of fantasy sports; the proposal states that there will be no sports gambling on high school, college, and amateur sports events. Betting on esports would also be prohibited. Only men and women over age 21 will be allowed to bet on sports through this proposal.

If the plan goes through, Baker would need the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to issue new sports wagering licenses to all current gaming licensees. In addition, only casinos that already have a license through the Massachusetts Gaming Commission will be able to have on-site sports wagering lounges. The Massachusetts Gaming Commission would also have to grant online sports wagering to companies such as DraftKings.

Baker went on to state further facts about the proposal; according to reporters, the governor stated that the reason for the creation of this proposal was due to New Jersey’s passing of their bill last June. Basically, other states are making the move, and Baker wants in on the plan.

Since the Supreme Court denied the federal proposal last year, seven additional states have legalized sports gambling within themselves, including Rhode Island. Nevada has had their law passed since 1949, allowing them to not only wager on professional sports, but also college sports.

If the plan is passed, the application fee will be a total of $100,000. Every five years a renewal licensing fee would be required, totaling in at $500,000 every time renewed.

Additional aspects of the plan include:

-          Cashless system for sports gambling

-          Age/identity verification if sports gambling is done online

-          Regulations will be put into play to protect those gambling