Boston, MA - Back in 2012, Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera captured the attention of a nation of baseball fans during his MVP campaign. However, Cabrera achieved something much greater than the MVP award. He posted the first hitting Triple Crown in the MLB since Boston's own Carl Yastrzemski did it in the Impossible Dream year of 1967. Now, the Boston Red Sox might have a player who could reclaim one of baseball's greatest feats.

J.D. Martinez has proven himself a worthy addition to last year's first place in the American League East Red Sox and he might just have a Triple Crown to show for it when the season comes to an end.

The Triple Crown comes when a hitter leads his league in home runs, runs batted in, and batting average. It's a hard statistical advantage to achieve as sluggers tend to rack up homers, but they don't get on base as much as pure hitters, who can definitely scrap together a more impressive batting average than they can a home run total.

Martinez would become the eighteenth player (excluding pitchers who rely on earned run average, strikeouts, and wins) to attain the Triple Crown if he manages to hold onto his totals while also boosting his batting average.

As of August 11, Martinez leads the league in home runs with thirty-five and he became the first player to crack triple digits in RBIs last night against the Orioles with a league leading one hundred and one. The major hiccup with Martinez's quest for the Triple Crown comes in the batting average category. Currently, Martinez is second in the American League with a .329 average. However, the player in first? His own teammate, Mookie Betts, who has a stellar .352 average.

Now, I am sure Mookie and J.D. have already agreed that they're going to continue to play their best for the good of the team and not worry about arbitrary batting awards. But it is nice to know that Boston won free agency in the 2018 offseason by signing Martinez rather than someone who is not as close to Triple Crown numbers like the New York Yankees' Giancarlo Stanton.