BOSTON - Yesterday, Governor Charlie Baker announced the strictest of responses to the coronavirus outbreak in Massachusetts residents have seen to date. But don't be surprised if they are continuously furthered. The pandemic is in full-on damage control mode across the world and Governor Baker's efforts might still prove not be enough at this point.

He announced that any gathering of 25 or more people would be banned, just two days after groups of 250 were banned. Included in this list of gatherings were gyms and movie theaters. But the biggest inclusions were bars and restaurants.

Bars and restaurants have been barred by the Baker administration from serving customers on their premise. However, takeout services and delivery capabilities are still being permitted, so as to help curb the devastating impact that the ban could have on the monetary situations of these eateries.

The ban also extended to schools, even though many Massachusetts districts have already shut down. However, the ban does not apply to pharmacies and grocery stores, which are absolute necessities at this time. The ban is slated to begin tomorrow, Tuesday, and will run through April 7. The ban has the potential to be extended, of course.

It is obviously an extremely tough time for local businesses, but it is at least good that takeout and delivery are still permitted for Massachusetts locations. Obviously, if you feel under the weather, you should still stay home. But if you feel up to it, you should definitely utilize the takeout and delivery services. Just make sure to not come into contact with anyone and keep as sanitary as possible when doing so.

If you can afford it, as well, think about tipping more than twenty percent for these locations. You can also purchase gift cards for locations to use at a later date if you want to remain self-isolated in your own home.

Many restaurants that have never prioritized their takeout and delivery services are engaging deeply with the services now to help keep their companies afloat. Some examples of these across the state include Judie's in Amherst, Mexicali Grill in Spencer, Elm Centre Cafe in Southbridge and many locations across the state. The Boston spots have been collected into a list by!

It's a tough time, but if we all work together to ensure safety and security, it's all going to be alright.

Image via Wikimedia Commons