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City of Boston Cracking Down on Parking Space Savers

City of Boston Cracking Down on Parking Space Savers

Boston, MA– When winter weather rolls into Massachusetts, Boston drivers wage everlasting war against snowed-in parking spots. It is well-known that there are unwritten rules for saving parking spots after you've taken shovel to concrete, but Mayor Walsh has outlined the official stance on those so-called unofficial rules (by Caught in Southie) after this winter's first significant snowfall on Monday March 4.

A statement from Mayor Marty Walsh's office to WBZ-TV said, “a snow emergency was not declared, so no space savers should have been utilized.” It was clarified that, “as clean-up efforts continue citywide, space savers will be collected by our Waste Reduction Division during regularly scheduled neighborhood trash pick-up.”

This means that in the future, you might want to double check about that snow emergency declaration before attempting to claim your hard-earned parking spot with shiny new orange coneor in the case of the below MIT-area residence, an entire couchthe next time we get a decent-sized snowstorm. (10 inches seems like it should have qualified as a snow emergency to me, but I guess that's why I wasn't invited to sit on the SnowMergency Council of Supreme Knowledge.)

People in Boston tend to get creative with their space savers. Some classic choices include folding chairs, trash cans, or traffic cones. Others opt for more fun items, like Gronkowski cutouts or kid-sized Flintstone-style cars. The idea is, if you’ve gone through the back-breaking work of shoveling out a snow spot for your car, then you should be allowed to reserve that spot for when you return from wherever you had to drive to. It is extremely taboo to remove someone's space saver if it is within 48 hours of the snow emergency. You can google all the not-so-passive, just aggressive, notes we leave each other when spots are stolen.

The City of Boston allows people to save parking spots for 48 hours after a snow emergency has expired. That said, this most recent snowfall created some confusion, since for some reason, no snow emergency was declared. The city has been going around picking up space savers, much to some residents' dismay. If you decide to take the "law" into your own hands, prepare to be challenged by locals.

Mayor Walsh has warned in the past that he would do away with the space saver rule if residents continue to leave notes threatening violence or property damage. The current rule was originally sanctioned in 2005 by Mayor Menino.