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City Hall Plaza to Receive Redesign in Boston

City Hall Plaza to Receive Redesign in Boston

Boston, MA - In the age of practicality, aesthetics were often sacrificed in favor of constructing locations and buildings with a cheap sense of efficiency. Look no further than many of the older, cement-laden buildings on the UMass Amherst campus for evidence of this. Now, as time has passed, many projects have become open to redesigns to make them more beautiful and more in line with the vision of a utopia that every city aims to be. Boston's City Hall Plaza is the latest example of what will be a much-welcomed redesign.

Four years after Mayor Marty Walsh made his intentions clear that he wanted to revamp City Hall Plaza, plans have officially been released for what this redesign will look like as it transforms from a barren, Brutalist hellscape into something that has been described by Boston officials as "a welcoming front yard for civic life."

Having stood for fifty years, City Hall Plaza has often been treated as an architectural disappointment and a missed opportunity, and this redesign will seek to not only improve the efficiency of the surrounding buildings, but also to make it a welcoming environment for all who travel there, through all seasons.

Part of the plan for City Hall Plaza is to provide the space a 100% accessible space,  in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The plan also aims to include over twelve thousand square feet of open space for play and congregation, as well as the planting of one hundred new trees.

The area is also planning to use state of the art technology to absorb all forms of precipitation through the permeable surface materials that will dot the grounds. When events are held at City Hall Plaza, there will also be stations that provide electricity and power thanks to the "plug and play" initiative that will allow for device charging. Lastly, the second floor entrance to City Hall is slated to be reopened as a part of the redesign.

For further edification about the changes coming to City Hall Plaza, an open house is being held there tonight, June 5, from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM.

Image courtesy of the City of Boston