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City Council to Discuss Reducing Speed Limit on Boston Streets

City Council to Discuss Reducing Speed Limit on Boston Streets

Boston, MA - A hearing regarding the safety of Boston citizens and drivers was set to be held Tuesday morning at Boston City Hall. The hearing was called in an attempt to make the streets of Boston safer, focusing reducing the driving speed limit to 20 miles per hour.

Back in January 2017, Boston City Council lowered the driving speed limit from 30 miles per hour to 25 miles per hour on most of their streets. This, in turn, required the state law to change, too. If the city council members decide to lower the speed limits to 20 miles per hour, the state law would most likely have to change yet again. This will primarily depend on how the City Council proposes the hearing to all other members.

Prior to calling the hearing, City Councilors Ed Flynn and Frank Banker stated that there should be improved safety when driving motor vehicles in the town of Boston. In addition, the two council members stated that the improved safety would hopefully eliminate pedestrian crashes. For instance, this past summer, a young boy was killed while walking down the sidewalk in an area within South Boston. This happened due to a horrible crash incident. According to reports, a van crashed up and into the curb, hitting the stroller and the child sitting in it.

The hearing started at 10 a.m. this morning in City Hall and was live streamed on certain websites.

No reports have been leaked on whether there was a decision today or not. If you’re eager to know the end result, check out the live stream at  boston.gov/city-council-tv.

Many drivers may be outraged by this, considering the law has passed several speed limits in less than 2 full years. If the safety of the town is improved, though, the City Council members that brought the proposal forward will be quite happy. If anything, the safety of the citizens living in and traveling in and out of the city should come first, according to Flynn and Banker.