Boston, MA - City Councilors Josh Zakim and Ed Flynn are seemingly not on board with the traditions of Hempfest. According to local sources, they’re looking to rid the area of the festivity.

Zakim and Flynn represent districts that meet in Boston Common, and they are tired of hearing countless complaints about the area’s yearly Hempfest. This marijuana-focused Freedom Rally takes place on the Boston Common every year in September, and these city council members think it’s time to move the event elsewhere.

The City Council members gather every Wednesday at noon to have a weekly meeting. This week, councilors Zakim and Flynn will bring forward the issue of Hempfest in hopes to have a formal hearing granted to them on the event. Supposedly, Zakim and Flynn agree that the Freedom Rally is just an attempt to be a part of illegal activities, and they want it away from the Common.

In their request for a hearing, the two councilors stated that the Boston Common hosts a number of events each year, yet Hempfest is one of the only events that bring citizens of surrounding towns to complain. According to complaints, people that attended the festival have parked their cars on the green space, camped on the grounds, left trash behind, and left needles behind on the grounds.

If the rest of the City Council approves the request for a hearing, several other parties will be invited to attend. Some parties involved include the Boston Police, the Boston Parks and Recreation Department, the city’s law department, and all other interested parties.

The City Council’s regular weekly meeting will be held tomorrow, Wednesday,
September 26, 2018, at noon.

Though many people in support of marijuana will be upset with the proposed cancellation, city council members Zakim and Flynn believe that this will be best for the majority of the citizens. If the crowds didn’t cause complaints, the councilors would not have sought fit to come forward with their requests.

If Hempfest is no longer allowed on Boston Common grounds, the operators of the festival will have to find a new location for next year’s festivities.