BOSTON – In 2008, a minor shift in the hotel industry occurred in the Netherlands when Michael Levie and Rattan Chadha, two Dutch hoteliers, opened the very first CitizenM hotel near the airport in Amsterdam. Steadily, the CitizenM brand grew over time as it expanded across the globe, opening hotels in many different locations. Now, CitizenM has made its way to Boston in a location that is just a stone’s throw away from the TD Garden.

Whether you refer to CitizenM’s hotels as boutique or as micro-hotels, there is no denying just how different they are from the standard accommodations of tourist fare. They eliminate the excess of popular hotel chains and, instead, put the focus on modern amenities for tourists, travelers, and guests who want practicality over frills.

CitizenM relies on the interest from guests to stay within the city because the amenities in Boston can often outweigh the amenities that might be provided by hotels. They have built their brand over the past decade as a company that specializes in making luxury affordable and that is how they are billing their new Boston location.

It was officially announced in 2016 that a CitizenM hotel would be coming to the Hub, and the hotel officially opened on August 5th. Enough time has passed to properly evaluate the quality of the rooms and the hotel, as a whole.

The verdict is that Bostonians and visitors to the city are giving it high ratings. Most of the praise has come from the fact that CitizenM emphasizes high quality beds, flawless Internet access, and more, instead of traditional hotel amenities like ironing tables and mini-bars. Obviously, some people might still need those, but if you are just coming in for a quick stay, CitizenM seems to be the best option. You are also able to check yourself in with fewer than sixty seconds spent waiting, per some visitors.

However, you will still be welcomed by real people who work at CitizenM. If you are of age, too, they will offer you a freshly-made cocktail as a welcoming gift. The prices top out at just over $400 per night, but the cheapest rooms are around $100, which is as good a bargain as any, compared to other Boston luxury hotels.

Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash (View from a room at CitizenM in Boston)