Boston, MA– It’s hard to picture Nantucket as a hotbed of modern industry, outside of tourism and stale limericks. And truth be told, it isn’t. As you’d expect from an island, Nantucket’s a fairly insular community. Even those Nantucket Nectars you’ve drank under the assumption they hailed from some fabled New England islet? Well, they’re manufactured down in Texas.

But Nantucket does have breweries. Or at least, one. And since Cisco Brewers functions as a both a brewery, distillery, and vineyard, that’s likely more than enough for an island that has a peak population just hovering over 11,000.

After 23 years of being a strictly Nantucket exporter, Cisco opened up its first off-island location in Portsmouth, N.H. last summer, followed by a pop-up beer garden in the Seaport District. "Boston has always felt like our off-island home," said Cisco CEO Jay Harman in a press release last year. "One of the great things about being part of the Seaport neighborhood is that we can directly give back to the Boston community that’s supported us for so long."

And apparently the support is mutual. Cisco recently announced plans for their second season of operations at a pop-up beer garden in the Seaport starting in mid-May.

"Our experience on Nantucket is all about decompressing, letting your guard down and enjoying the island lifestyle with music, friends, food, family, dogs and drinks. We are excited to bring it back to Boston Seaport for a second season," said Harman. "Cisco Seaport’s goal is to offer our customers a chance to live the Cisco experience in the city and give them a little reminder of what Nantucket has to offer… Can’t wait to see everyone there."

Decompressing. An island lifestyle with dogs. Get the feeling someone’s about to show up with a ukulele to bust out a rendition of “Uncle John’s Band?”

"Nantucket only just started getting the rep as this preppy, rich place," Cisco social media director Tyler Herrick told Men’s Health magazine in 2017. "But Cisco never followed that. We’ve stuck to old-school Nantucket, back when there were a whole lot of hippies running around on the island."

Laid back island lifestyle or not, Cisco does brew a fine, fine beer. On tap will be their latest offerings, Getaway IPA and Crantucket Brut IPA, aside long-standing favorites including Whale’s Tale pale ale, Shark Tracker lager, and Grey Lady ale. In addition, Cisco plans on offering samples of their latest small batch ciders as well as a limited selection of rosé, sauvignon blanc, and wine-based cocktails from Nantucket Vineyard.

Partnering with Cisco in the pop-up beer garden will be South Boston’s Loco Taqueria and Oyster Bar, with other vendors to be announced for the summer. The brewery will also be unveiling their “Non-Profit Tuesday” venture to raise awareness and resources for local charities.

But despite current legislation aimed at limiting the amount of beer gardens in the city, Cisco will be up against some fierce competition. Everett-based Night Shift and Fort Point mainstay Trillium will be returning this summer for another round of outdoor seasonal imbibing.

Cisco Brewers beer garden will be located at 65 Northern Ave in Boston starting in mid-May, and will be open Tuesday - Friday from 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm, Saturday - Sunday from 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm. For more information, please visit

Image via Flickr / designmilk