Boston, MA– When the New England Patriots defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in epic fashion during 2019's AFC Championship Game, one of the funniest videos in football went viral from the walk near the locker room, courtesy of the social media accounts of the Patriots, Tom Brady, and Rob Gronkowski.

In an iconic clip, Brady and Gronk smirked smugly and shrugged their shoulders and raised their eyebrows in a manner that seemed to suggest the motif, "What are you gonna do about it?" That is, if the "it" refers to the sustained and unstoppable dominance of the Patriots, led by the two best players at their respective positions. The looks were hilarious and were accompanied by the hashtag, #StillHere. It was a perfect distillation of earned Boston sports smugness. All we do is win.

Now that the Boston Bruins have also won their season's conference championship game, some of the players in black and gold decided to keep this smug video tradition going. Hilariously, Charlie McAvoy posted a video on Instagram with the caption, "W! @tombrady @gronk #StillHere #NotDoneYet #LetsGoBs #FinalsBound."

McAvoy's video features himself, Brad Marchand, David Krejci, and a host of other Bruins players giving a nod to the iconic Brady and Gronk video. It is the kind of arrogant fun that defines Boston sports and makes these players so likable to the locals and so hate-worthy to everyone else.

Brady even chimed in on the comments section by writing, "Just one more! #badboys." Clearly, the group of athletes in Boston is a supportive one!

Even more interestingly, McAvoy, in the past, has spoken about how he loves the city of Boston, but, as a sports fan, has never much cared for the teams, especially Brady and the Patriots. But, hey, winning is a hell of a drug and New England is getting a large dose of it.  

Image via Wikimedia Commons / Puffycoombes