BOSTON - Right when it seemed like the MBTA was on a mend and was about to win everyone back over to the side of public transportation in Boston, yet another comical disaster transpired.

While the MBTA is embroiled with one of its biggest renovations in history, it still has to operate, to the best of its ability transporting people around the city. Yesterday, there was a failure to do that. And the day before that. And the day before that.

But there's an interesting wrinkle this time around and one that will make you laugh so hard you'll want to cry.

First off, Governor Charlie Baker shared the above tweet yesterday. The MBTA announced the progress that had been made during the first weekend of the red line's shutdown. In response, Baker quoted the tweet to celebrate the efforts made by the workers and the progress for the MBTA, which is currently seeing "historic investments."

The praise given to the MBTA was short lived, however, as an orange line train promptly derailed, rendering any goodwill Baker might have garnered for his post immediately squandered.

According to the MBTA, the new orange line train's final car derailed yesterday when approaching a track switch at Wellington Yard, as confirmed by the Boston Globe. Fortunately, damage was minimal as the train was moving at reduced speeds and it has been promptly restored to the track and the orange line altogether.

I can just imagine Baker's social media intern proudly pressing send on the tweet, only to open the rest of Twitter, see the latest from the MBTA, and bury their head in their palms.

I will say that the idea of eight billion dollars being invested into the MBTA can certainly be construed as good news, especially in the wake of the update that a train derailed. However, the timing was just too humorous to pass up. It's been the story of the MBTA all throughout 2019. They just can't catch a break.

Image Via Wikimedia Commons