BOSTON - Earlier this year, the WCVB Channel 5 network in Massachusetts underwent some seismic changes. Mike Lynch, affectionately known as “Lynchie,” announced that he was going to move aside from his full-time role as the station’s lead sports anchor into a part-time role instead. Since then, WCVB has not had a main sports figure. Until now.

Over the weekend, Duke Castiglione was named as the new lead sports anchor for WCVB and it seems like he is perfect for the job. In a statement, he said, “It is truly humbling to step into this role that my friend and colleague, Mike Lynch, has done in legendary fashion for nearly four decades. I’m excited about the opportunity to lead the outstanding SportsCenter 5 team.’’

Duke Castiglione has a lot of history with the state of Massachusetts and its famed sports landscape. He is a native of Marshfield, Massachusetts, a top municipality in Plymouth County, and he graduated from Stonehill College in Easton. He used to work as a concession stand operator at Fenway Park.

Since then, Duke carved out a niche for himself in a sports reporting career. He worked as an anchor at New York’s Fox 5, where he also hosted the “Sports Extra” program every weekend. He also filled out his resume as a Channel 7 reporter and a sideline analyst for baseball and college football on ESPN and its sports network affiliates.

After holding down the fort at Fox 5 for a while, Castiglione transferred over to Boston’s WCVB station where he worked as a weekend news anchor and a general reporter since the beginning of 2018. Almost two years after that move, he has now been named the lead sports anchor of Channel 5.

If you are wondering why his name sounds a little bit familiar, then that’s because the Castiglione name has a storied history with Boston sports. Joe Castiglione has been the WEEI commentator for the Boston Red Sox since 1983. He has been one of the city’s most beloved voices for generations. Duke Castiglione, his grandson, will look to add to that legacy.

Image via Wikimedia Commons