NEW YORK - As Bol Bol continued to fall through the rankings of many teams' draft boards during the 2019 NBA Draft on Thursday, it seemed to become clear that the league was prioritizing shooting percentages and athleticism over length and height. Bol wasn't the most talented player on the board, but no one predicted his slide all the way to the middle of the second round. With Bol coming off the board that late, there was basically no chance for Tacko Fall to be drafted by a team. And when the night came to a close, Fall did indeed remain undrafted.

The Boston Celtics decided to take a chance on Fall after the fact, however, and he may prove to be more valuable than he appears at the outset of the off-season.

Tacko Fall played for the University of Central Florida as a center and he made a name for himself as one of the tallest living people in the world. Some people say Fall is 7'6", some say he is 7'7", and many say he is still growing. Either way, Fall has a solid chance to be the tallest player in NBA history if he can go the distance with the Celtics and actually play in a game.

Fall took on the title of a "human highlight reel" because his immense height and ability to dominate his opponents made him YouTube famous. But YouTube compilation videos do not an NBA star make - an NBA star also has to possess some sort of prowess on the court, which Fall exhibited as much during March Madness.

UCF nearly upset Duke, the runaway favorites of the tournament, thanks in large part to Fall's impenetrable defense against Duke's star Zion Williamson. Ultimately, UCF lost the game by one point, but Fall made it closer than anyone could have anticipated. As a Golden Knight, Fall played four seasons and averaged 10.1 points per game, 7.7 rebounds per game, and 2.4 blocks per game. Those aren't stellar numbers, but they're better than most flash-in-the-pan names who get notoriety for their height. If Fall can hone his skills a bit more, he might just end up being the steal of the entire 2019 draft class.

Image via Flickr / elisfkc