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Celtics' Stars Anticipate the 2018 Season

Celtics' Stars Anticipate the 2018 Season

Boston, MA - The Red Sox have clinched the AL East, the Bruins pre-season is over halfway completed, and the Patriots' season is already underway. Perhaps most excitingly, Boston Celtics fans are eagerly anticipating the return of this promising team.

And this goes for pretty much every member of the Celtics organization, as well. Each one of them has been keeping busy during the offseason, especially the players. This is a quick up-to-date guide on what the Celtics' stars have been saying and doing in anticipation of the 2018 season in which they are ranked second in terms of those who are most favored to win the title this year.

As for Marcus Smart, the past couple weeks have been sad. The loss of his mother was hard for Smart, but the funeral yesterday was said by Smart to be a celebration of who she was and not a goodbye. He also acknowledged his gratitude for the members of the Celtics organization who went to the funeral.

Gordon Hayward, on the other hand, has a big deal potentially brewing. He is on the cusp of signing a deal with Nike for a new line of Hayward brand sneakers. Hayward has also been playing five on five basketball and he said he's felt great so far.

Kyrie Irving, also returning this season from an injury, has been involved in these scrimmages, as well, and he's said that he feels at one hundred percent health and that he's ready to play. He is completely pain-free and he also remarked that the 2018-19 Celtics have the chance to be something special. Hayward echoed these comments by saying that the team has a lot of talent that can be used in so many different ways. Al Horford agreed, but he also said that success will not come without sacrifice.

Lastly, Jayston Tatum, the player most Boston fans are most excited to see play this fall, has been working with Kobe Bryant during the offseason. And Bryant has been teaching Tatum the merits of shooting more instead of passing. What this means for a Brad Stevens coached team we will find out in less than a month!