CAMBRIDGE – Boston Celtic players Enes Kanter and Tacko Fall recently reported being verbally attacked and threatened outside of a Cambridge mosque located at Prospect Street on Friday.

According to Kanter, a center for Celtics team, he and Fall had just left a prayer service when they encountered several men outside of the mosque yelling at them in Turkish.

Upset about the altercation, Kanter recorded the incident on his phone, sharing the video and his thoughts on Twitter:

“Hello Everyone!#DictatorErdogan @RTErdogan thugs attacked and threatened me today after Friday prayer in Boston at a mosque.”

"Turkish Government don't even let me practice my religion freely in America let alone my freedom of speech is under attack@FBI@FBIBoston@bostonpolice"

Later, Kanter spoke to the media before the Celtic’s open practice on Saturday.

"They were screaming, they were yelling and they were cursing," Kanter said.

“It was pretty crazy because, I mean, this is America. People should be safe to come into a mosque and just pray peacefully.”

Adding, “I’m used to this. I’ve been getting threats like this the last six or seven years. I’m used to living this way."

Kanter reached out to both the police and the FBI about the incident.

Kanter is known to be open about his religious views and his country, previously criticizing Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Following his criticism of Erdogan, Kanter was detained in Romania and nearly kidnapped in Indonesia, recounts the professional basketball player.

"But like I said, in America, it shouldn’t be this way. That’s why I’ve gotten in touch with a lot of senators and representatives. We’re just going to sit down and talk and see what we can do.”

The Cambridge Police declined to comment. The FBI did however inform WCVB that they have contacted the Celtics but did not provide any other details.

"We've been in contact with the Celtics, and we're going to decline further comment," a spokesperson stated.

It is believed that the Celtics will provide Kanter and possibly Fall both with security.

Image via Wikimedia Commons / Frenchieinportland