Boston, MA - When the NBA enters its off-season every year, the players from practically every team are scattered every which way and the only ones that seem actually tuned into the basketball happenings are the ones who are on the trading block, available in free agency, or (if you're Stephen Curry) appearing on Bill Simmons' podcast.

The Boston Celtics are not exempt to this loose rule that applies to so many teams. In fact, some of Boston's best players have had a particularly busy off-season, more so than you would usually expect. However, when the Celtics boast one of the best starting rotations in the league, it is to be expected.

For Gordon Hayward, the splashy free agent signing of the 2017 off-season who never even played one full game with the Celtics, most of his off-season has been spent getting back to full health, the way he was before his broken leg against the Cleveland Cavaliers last year. The latest update on Hayward's progress is that he's been seen dunking in practice again, which is absolutely a positive sign to be encouraged by.

As for Jayson Tatum, the rookie breakout sensation who famously blocked LeBron James in the seventh game of the Eastern Conference Finals last year, there might be an exciting new deal in the works between him, Nike, and Foot Locker. The rumor flying around the Celtics fanbase right now is that Tatum might be launching a new line of sneakers based around his own personal brand.

Lastly, Kyrie Irving had a fairly unconventional off-season because he oversaw the release of the movie he starred in, Uncle Drew, which was a major studio comedy release for the summer. The film, based off of Irving's popular Pepsi Max ad campaign, did not receive the best reviews ever for a comedy, but it was fairly well-received and it did decently at the box office. Irving's movie saw him making the promotional rounds for it, including an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

It's always great to keep up witho our beloved Celtics, even when they're not playing.